Adult/Teen Jiu Jitsu (traditional)

The confidence of knowing you could, if you had to!

The explosion of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and organizations such as the UFC has brought some much deserved attention to the effectiveness of a diverse Martial Arts system; both as a self-defense and a great way to get fit.

Our adult program teaches a dynamic Martial Arts system containing elements of stand up and ground self-defense which includes striking, throws and joint manipulations. We provide the knowledge and expertise accumulated over four decades of experience and constant evolution.

Our structured curriculum focuses on developing a solid foundation in the fundamentals that are essential to enhancing your Martial Arts skills.

Technically Rich and Physically Rewarding

Through technically rich classes, you can develop a solid foundation in the basics of self-defense, striking, throws, takedowns, ground defense and grappling. With the utmost attention to detail and technical nuances our Instructors will provide high-energy classes that are fun and rewarding

Safe and Controlled

Safety is first and foremost in our schools. Learn Martial Arts skills with professional instructors that can gauge your personal progress and push you to your limit without little risk of injury.

Physical Conditioning

This is one of the best ways to enhance your physical conditioning, because movements are not just limited to linear movements. This will build core strength, develop a lean musculature and increase balance, and flexibility.

Self Improvement

Martial Arts is one of the most internally challenging activities you can do. The confidence gained from pushing yourself and conquering clear and measurable goals will translate to every aspect of your life. Making one constructive change makes it easier to continue to make positive decisions about your health, your work and even your personal life.

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