Children’s Martial Arts

The Best Things That You Can Do For Your Child

Join the countless parents that have discovered why enrolling in a Martial Arts Program is one of the best things you can do for your child. 

Martial Arts is about more than learning kicks and punches. It helps kids build confidence, practice respect and improve focus and discipline. Immersed in a powerfully positive environment, your child will build the confidence to face challenges head on.

CMA Instructors have been teaching kids for over 20 years. We’ve seen thousands of students begin training as young as 4 years old develop into strong, successful adults. We receive feedback like this every day from parents like you:

“I love it, my 6 year old thinks he’s coming to have fun, while I know he’s gaining important skills.” – Ingrid McPherson

The amazing part is kids love it! Our classes are fun and exciting which means learning something new doesn’t feel like a chore. Still not convinced? Here’s a little more info about how Martial Arts can help your child:

Keep Your Kids Active!

Less gym time in schools, the growing popularity of video games and the limitations of some competitive sports to allow for equal play time (and therefore equal exercise time) has lead to a rise in obesity and diabetes in children. Adding to this, parents also have to compete with the overwhelming presence of junk food.

Cooligan Martial Arts is a great first step in changing your child’s (and even your family’s) outlook on life. The health benefits are only the beginning. By becoming active, your child will develop the mental discipline and confidence that will allow you both to continue to make positive decisions in your lives.

Confident Kids Don’t Get Bullied!

For some kids, the school yard is a scary place. Developing anyone’s confidence (let alone that of a child) is a very delicate matter. Most people link their confidence to a recent event. That’s why it can be tough to keep a kids confidence up, especially it they’re constantly getting picked on. Through a structured reward system and consistent positive feedback, a well-rounded Martial Arts Program is a great way to raise a your child’s confidence and reinforce it on a regular basis. What will define your child is how they deal with the situations they encounter. Give them the confidence to handle themselves with integrity.

Better Grades

Children with strong mental discipline are least likely to submit to peer pressure and most likely to do well in school. In fact, many parents and teachers report a dramatic improvement in school grades after a child joins Martial Arts. Can you think of a better reason to enroll your child in Martial Arts?

Positive Role Models

Who is influencing your child? Role models play an important part in a child’s development – too important to be left to chance. Our team of certified Instructors provide positive role models for your child, teaching them how to resist negative influences.

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