Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Our Muay Thai Program

Muay Thai is combat sport from Thailand , also known as the art of eight limbs. It is called that because its practitioners can utilize strikes using punches, kicks, elbows or knees. We teach muay thai through a progressive curriculum that emphasizes safety, physical fitness and great technical skills. It is very motivating to progress through the ranks knowing you are getting better and learning more as you move through the system. You may never enter a ring to test your skills, but you will have the confidence and the fitness of a fighter.

Our Coaches Are In Your Corner

Our coaches have years of experience in the martial arts and fitness industry. They have trained thousands of people just like you. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have and go out of their way to make your training experience the safest and most productive experience you have in the fitness/martial arts. They know you may never walk in the ring but they strive to give you the tools to feel the confidence in your skills in the school and in the real world.

It really is a “Total Body Workout”

It has to be. Each movement requires your entire body, and although in any particular technique the focus may be on one muscle group, the rest of your body is still engaged. That’s why in any good Kickboxing program there is a real focus is on developing proper technique which ultimately leads to great core conditioning, muscle strength and endurance, increased flexibility and cardio.

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