Your request for placing a membership hold has been received

We will be reviewing your account and if the following criteria are met, the membership(s) will be extended by the length of the on-hold request:

1. Membership is in good standing
2. Start date of the on-hold must be the same or later than the submission date of this request
3. Length of on-hold period must be a minimum of two weeks. If a student returns to class before the two weeks, the membership will not be extended.
4. The total of all on-hold periods does not exceed 60 days.

– Payments will continue to be withdrawn during the on-hold time. Memberships will be extended by the length of on-hold time.
Remaining on-hold days do not carry over to new or renewed contracts.
New or renewed contracts all come with 60 days of on-hold time
In the event of a cancellation, on-hold time is non-refundable

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